The Open Door

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People think that writing is an easy thing to do.

People say I shouldn’t be wasting my time doing an MA in creative writing.

People also say there’s no point wasting my time doing an MA, at all.

I’ll never use it, my work will never impress anyone and what good would any of it have done me aside from wasted my time?

To those people that are obviously not in the creative writing field, I applaud you for wanting to pass on your well-meaning thoughts. I do, however, feel that you may well be missing the point of my efforts. I’m not studying to become successful or increase my chances of a promotion at work. I’m not studying to move into a different field. I’m studying for me. For my own personal gain. For my own sense of self-fulfilment; the knowledge that I quashed that internal feeling of failure from many years ago when people knew I wouldn’t finish my education at university. I’m going beyond that.

‘I have taken the time to spend 8 years with the Open University in order to gain my Masters.’

And what of those that say I shouldn’t be writing? I don’t listen to the opinion of those that I wouldn’t ask for advice. My abilities may not be making me a millionaire or even getting more than 30 followers on Instagram. Do I care? Nope, those days are long gone. In fact, they were never even there. I write for myself and if anybody is able to gain anything from it, then happy days. If not, that’s also fine. There are plenty of other things to read out there.

Writing is an easy thing to do. Those people that say I shouldn’t be wasting my time doing an MA in creative writing will never read my work, anyway…



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An Englishman in Paris

An Englishman in Paris

I’m a Creative Writing student, specialising in nonfiction and enjoying the prolonged agony of travel writing.